The Red Liquid and Narcissus at Nevan Contempo

Sylbee Kim
The Red Liquid and Narcissus
Nevan Contempo, Prague
Curated by Christina Gigliotti
September 9 – October 7, 2017
Photography: Petr Fabo
All images copyright of the artist and Nevan Contempo
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The Red Liquid and Narcissus, a solo exhibition by Sylbee Kim, draws an imaginary line between plutocracy and narcissism. The exhibition visualizes different parallels – in space, through mirroring and framing physical elements; in time, reflecting on the historical events that grounded our present, and in the body, exploring the flesh and bone that structures our political universe.

The exhibition was conceived from the hypothesis that the death of the self and others is tactically “concealed” by hegemonies to control their societies and maintain power. In this light, narcissism acts as an analogy for how we present and observe our bodies. The focus of the work gradually transited from the projected body to a dive into the pulsating and mortal body. Within the exhibition, the iconography of Narcissus is reenacted by an independent figure who observes the alteration of the human body. Seen through lenses that are attached to limbs or penetrate into organs, it reveals the link of biotechnological enhancement to warfare.