Ashley Holmes: A Free Moment at FUTURA, Prague
Opening February 25th from 6pm


Anni Puolakka: Oestrus at Polansky Gallery, Prague

Curated Exhibitions/Projects

Irina Lotarevich: Galvanic Couple at FUTURA, Prague
SCREEN a selection of 12 videos for Art Viewer for 2019
The Martyr's Tale for Sinkhole Project, Berlin
co-curated with Tina Poliačková and Lumír Nykl
Seeds of Caelum via Hyperlink Athens
Pet Cemetery at Haus N, Athens, GR
Barbora Fastrová: CHAOSMOSIS at Šopa Gallery, Košice, SK
Marek Delong & Anna Slama: Bludna Loza at 427, Riga, LV
Tea Stražičić: Lone Long Boy at Polansky Gallery, Prague
Ed Fornieles: CEL at FUTURA, Prague
Cloak of Mercy at Horse & Pony, Berlin
Nightshades at Polansky Gallery, Brno
Leon Eisermann: A Long Goodbye at Polansky Gallery, Prague
Sinae Yoo: Petrichor at FUTURA, Prague
When the Sick Rule the World at Grund, Berlin
Growing Pains at Polansky Gallery, Prague
Catherine Biocca: Infinity Pool at Polansky Gallery, Prague

toxoplasma grannii maybe at CATBOX CONTEMPORARY in Ridgewood, NY
Motoko Ishibashi & Nils Alix-Tabeling: Seráphîta at Polansky Gallery, Prague
Jakub Choma: Stepping on a Lego at Polansky Gallery, Prague
Emmy Skensved: Room & Bored at Polansky Gallery Prague
Julie Béna: GENESIS at Polansky Gallery, Brno
SUV organized by A.M. 180 Galerie at Spinnerei, Leipzig, DE
First I Have to Put My Face On at Foothold, Polignano a Mare, IT
Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw: F-150 at Polansky Gallery, Prague
Micah Hesse at Polansky Gallery, Brno
Klara Hosnedlová & Nona Inescu: The Inhabitant at Polansky Gallery, Prague
Lucia Leuci: Prendersi cura at Polansky Gallery, Prague

Nik Timková: Invigorating Solstice Compound at Galerie HIT, Košice, SK
Apparatus 22: The Twists and Turns of the Speculative Still Life at Suprainfinit, Bucharest, RO
Anna Sagström: A Blast Furnace at Ferdinand Baumann, Prague
Antoine Renard: Red Lines at Ferdinand Baumann, Prague
Barbora Fastrová & Johana Pošová: Your Green Dot is So Hot at Ferdinand Baumann, Prague
Sylbee Kim: The Red Liquid and Narcissus at Nevan Contempo, Prague
Jakub Choma: Life for Dummies at Polansky Gallery, Prague
AutoItalia: Loss Leader at FUTURA, Prague
Hanne Lippard: ahem at FUTURA, Prague
Afterbirth of a Dream, co-curated with Jan Zalešák at MeetFactory, Prague
Nik Timková: Knife as Outfit at Polansky Gallery, Prague
The Stillness of a Departure at Polansky Gallery
Hanakam & Schuller: Pivot at Kostka Gallery, Prague

Martin Lukáč: Two Hands and a Magnifying Glass at FAIT Gallery, Brno, CZ
Barbora Fastrová: In Happy Towns in the Hinterland at Polansky Gallery, Prague
Jimena Mendoza & Aleksandra Vajd: casualidad/causalidad at Ferdinand Baumann, Prague
Lucia Scerankova & Klara Hosnedlovâ:The Kraus Apartment, Ferdinand Baumann, Prague
Incentive 2 (Anna Slama & Marek Delong), Galerie 207, UMPRUM, Prague
Romana Drdová: Une Ange Passe at Galerie 207, UMPRUM, Prague
Julie Béna: Purple Unicorn at Ferdinand Baumann, Prague
Imaginary Maggots (Viktor Kopasz & Marek Meduna) at Ferdinand Baumann, Prague

Ondrej Vicena: REW//FFWD at Galerie SPZ, Prague
Barbora Fastrová: Situace 58 at Galerie Pavilon, Prague

The Unfeigned Heart (Matouš Lipus & Aleš Novák) at Galerie Kostka, Prague