Hanne Lippard
Futura Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague
Curated by Christina Gigliotti
June 20th – September 10th 2017
Photography: Tomáš Souček
All images copyright of the artist and Futura
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The exhibition ahem by Hanne Lippard (1984, NO) begins with a cough, a hiccup, and a clearing of the throat. A series of audio pieces set throughout the space explore moments when sounds become language, and fade back into abstraction once more. Through wordplay and the stretching and contorting of recognizable tones and patterns, the messages extracted from Lippard’s words constantly shift their meaning, depending on what the listener's ear picks up on. Numbers become letters, exhalation becomes hesitation – a simultaneous unraveling yet also infinite expanding of language takes place. Printed text pieces reference subtitled captions that instead of clarifying, highlight the complexity in which we interpret (or misinterpret) signs, sounds, and body language in film and television. At what point does a sound become a message? A side glance, a deep breath, a sigh. ahem

With the kind support of the Artist-in-Residence program of the Goethe Institute in Prague and MeetFactory.